Thursday, September 14, 2006

Tips for Solving Dog Behavior Problems: Ditch the Tantrums

By Tim Lee
Dogs can sometimes be very unfriendly with the other dogs. They snap in the air, growl and bark a lot. These may sometimes indicate normal acts of defense to protect their owners and territory. Hence, one can surmise that they do not mean any harm.

However, there are times when such behavior becomes excessive and uncontrollable. At this point, your dogs can be very unruly and may even do more harm than good. What was once a pet may become a growling monster if not examined for any behavioural problems immediately.

Here is a list of some tips for solving your dog's behavior problems and make them live a normal, happy life.

1) Following the leader
Show the dog that you are the leader. Try not to confuse your dog. Teach him that you are the master and he has to obey.

When dog behavior problems take place, the dog becomes the master instead. The dog tends to project itself as the main boss of its environment. This has to stop, and your dog should know where he stands.

2) Go out and socialize
Expose your dogs and let them mingle with other dogs and people as this help them get rid of their insecurities, nervousness and make them learn how to socialize.

Like in humans, dog behavior problems indicate some psychological problems. There are some instances that dogs are just bored that is why they are behaving that way.

3) Too many puppy problems
As much as possible raise not more than 3 puppies at a time. They can be jealous. Imagine having a couple of siblings of same age, fighting over the same toy and getting the mother dog's and the owner's attention.

4) Abundant food equals healthy mind and body
This is common with stray dogs. Not having ample water, food and even sex in their environment affect their brains and way of thinking. They might also be eating dirty food and develop rabies. It is best to stay away from street dogs or better report it to the dog pound.

5) Training school
If your dogs are really stubborn and uncontrollable or you just want them professionally trained, you could enroll your dog in training schools.

6) Play and prepare
They should learn to play such as to run, jump, wrestle, chase, nip, be brave, use their mouth, and paw. A canine should learn all these because those are part of their normal behavior and in order to get them ready for the real world battle and hunting if ever they need to. Playing should also be done in moderation because too much of it could also add in the progress of aggression.

7) Fear me not
Dog's life experiences such as being attacked as a puppy or if they have seen two dogs fight also affects their behavior because dogs may develop anger, fear, and even imbalances in their hormones.

Their nerves could also be weak. A program called "slow desensitisation" or systematic reduction of their sensitivity is best performed with these dogs.

Since with this type of behavior the dog is not violent, it would help if they will be given reward and disregard the bad manners instead.

Dogs are always known as man best friend but sometimes, their behavior changes and become violent. In some ways, they are like humans too. They need love and care. Such bad behavior only becomes serious when they reach the age of more than 1 year up to 3 years. Therefore, before it starts to become serious, help them now

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